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It is well known that every region, component, and system of the body are all interconnected and that they all rely on the nervous system for proper coordination, regulation, modulation, and integration. However, most conventional treatment methods are not aimed at restoring integration to the body’s systems and many do not take into account the neurological, physiological, and chemical interaction that, when dysfunctional, can (and often does) lead to myriad of symptoms and development and progression of illnesses.


When it comes to providing patients with effective, comprehensive, restorative treatments, it is essential to understand the missing link in conventional healthcare, which is the integration of body systems and the involvement of the brain and nervous system. It is important to bridge the understanding between symptoms, conditions, and the how the systems of the bodies are integrated.


Jaudy Systems Integration Diagnostics and Treatments (Jaudy SIDT™), which implement Organ Remapping Applications (Neuro-Visceral Applications – NVAs® in conjunction with Brain-Based Neurological Treatments has been designed to address this missing link by targeting various receptor sites for activation and addressing the source of function (and dysfunction), which is the brain and spinal cord. This contemporary methodology uses modern understanding of neuroscience to enable healthcare providers to provide a new option to their patients; an option that focuses on systems integration and systems restoration to regulate and normalize function, thereby eliminating symptoms and resolving otherwise chronic conditions.

Organ Remapping

Organ Remapping®  is a treatment method, developed by Dr. Gilbert S. Jaudy D.C., F.A.C.F.N., F.A.B.V.R., F.A.B.C.C.D.  It is the science of remapping the autonomic nervous system pathways located at various levels of the brainstem, which have ascending and descending projection fibers to the brain and the gut.


The neurological re-wiring and normalization processes are achieved through specific  Neuro-visceral Applications – NVAs® which are the procedures of Organ Remapping®.


Brain-Based Neurological Treatments and Organ Remapping® Applications designated as BORNT™ (Brain & Organ Remapping Network Treatments™), target specific receptor sites. In contrast to drugs, targeted treatments illicit responses only from the intended receptors. This both avoids dangerous side effects and maximizes restoration of dysfunctional nervous system activity.


Brain-Based Neurological Treatments and Organ Remapping® Applications use the inherent functioning of the nervous system (and other body systems) to either inhibit or excite responses in the target area. This means that the treatment results are sustained, unlike drugs which are removed from the body after a short duration. Sustaining desired responses allows for a treatment methodology that is cumulative. In other words, each new treatment builds on the previous treatments, rather than constantly trying to replace lost drug effects.


The brain and body communicate bi-directionally; there are ascending neural pathways and descending neural pathways. Organ Remapping® Applications are specifically developed to address this two-way communication between the brain and the organs, tissues, and cells of the body. This enables treatment results to be systematically strengthened, sustained, and to restore function to normal rapidly so patients can get back to their lives again as quickly as possible.


Treatment programs are designed to restore function and use the brain’s own functionality to accomplish normalization. No synthetic chemicals means that systems actually begin to function normally, rather than specific body parts becoming dependent on ingested, inhaled, absorbed, or injected pharmaceuticals.


No treatment is performed without explicit implications through clinical findings before and after each set of treatments. Only indicated treatments are performed and the treatment program is determined by the minute-by-minute observations of the physician. This ensures both that the treatment program is optimized and that no unnecessary (or potentially harmful) treatments are performed at any point during the treatment process.

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